What clients say

You can be improved – guaranteed

To the question, what they wanted to improve, our clients answered:

  • I get calls in between and so cycles remain unhandled
  • I lose the overview
  • My desk is too full
  • I want more time to spent in sales and marketing
  • I want to organize my office that my staff and my deputy find things without big searching
  • I want to use more time to be more productive
  • I want to improve my employees so they will do a better job
  • I try to be helpful and by this do things which are not my job
  • I “take situations home in my mind” and this influences my family life
  • I work 60-80 hrs per week. I want to reduce it but increase my productivity
  • I spent too little time with my clients or employees. (Too much paper work)
  • I trend to put uncomfortable decisions into the future
  • My executives can’t think enough for the benefit of the company
  • My employees say, that I have no time for important cycles
  • I have a lot of know how, but the profit is not according to this
  • I lost a lot by going on hoping it will be better or people will have a cognition

After the coaching the clients said, what they have gained from the training:

  • with this system I can get my things under control and maintain it this way
  • I learned a system, which makes sense and which is easy to learn and to apply
  • I was very sceptical, but it really works
  • It is a very effective and simple way to operate
  • The most impressive point is: it is doable, simple and very clear!
  • I liked the way the coaching was done, not a serious matter.
  • I can think and plan strategically with this system
  • I don’t lose sight or overview of my operations
  • My stress factor got less. I don’t feel so much under pressure. I get more done.
  • I get better cooperation with my employees
  • I changed my viewpoint that as a creative professional I can’t use management tools
  • When we started I didn’t have the believe that we will make it. Now it is done.
  • It was effective and made a lot of fun
  • I am astonished what we got done in this amount of time. Prior I would have needed much more time
  • I got the idea for lasting improvements
  • I have more presence as an executive since I implemented the system
  • I never forget anything anymore. There is nearly no searching.
  • The whole method makes sense and is doable.
  • Now I can concentrate on the really important things
  • My mind is free. I can work much more strategically.
  • I keep my planed working hours and do have time for my other activities, which are important to me.
  • I use the system since years and it got “my way to operate”.
    I apply it like driving a car” looking where to go and not how to drive.
  • The company increased its speed and I know I created it.

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